High Line: Freight Railway as Public Park

This week Holly and I made a 3 minute video about the High Line. In this video we share images of the park while exploring how purposefully placed artifacts, like railroad tracks, are powerful teachers, how plants led the way for park design, and how seeing city views and ongoing construction invites visitors to re-consider terms like “urban,” “wild,” and “nature.” The High Line supports park visitors to reflect on to how cities and landscapes change over time.

Read about strolling and sitting on the High Line.

Read about public art on the High Line.

For more information about this research project read the Project Overview.

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Amy E. Ryken

Amy E. Ryken

Amy E. Ryken studies partnerships that foster connections between schools and community resources, such as museums and outdoor environments. She is particularly interested in a broad definition of learning that considers how people learn, in a wide range of settings and activities, over the life span.
Amy E. Ryken

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